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Protec Pest Control Services was founded in beautiful Boise, Idaho by Brett and Natalie Keffer in 2014. Brett had worked in pest control for years but was currently in a completely different industry during that time. Nevertheless, we found ourselves personally in need of a high-quality pest control service for our home. We were worried about the products around our pets and family and were unsure of where to start.

We called a few companies and some even came out to look around and provide us a quote. Repeatedly Brett found himself with concerns about the products that were being used, the way the service was completed or the inability to resolve issues. Those moments, questions and uncertainty is why Protec Pest Control Services was born. We wanted to create a company that focused on resolving the client’s issues, provided safe products for the environment, family members and pets and most of all that you could trust.

With adept knowledge in the pest control industry, we focused our efforts on the most up and coming techniques, providing fair prices and customizing our work to the needs of the clients. Our greatest joy comes from spending time visiting with our clients and helping them to find solutions to their pest or lawn challenges. We believe that honesty, integrity, impeccable communication and serving our community should still be core values in the business world.

Today, we continue to have the privilege of serving many of our clients that started with us years ago while maintaining our growing operation with pest experts and a team that aligns with our core values and business. That means our clients receive the best results because our standards are high regardless of where and who we are servicing. Your home is treated as if it were our home and we take pride in that.

Please call us today and allow us the opportunity to learn about you, your family and how we can help you to resolve any of the pest and lawn challenges you have experienced. It will be our honor to serve you!

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