Ladybugs are AWESOME!

Did you know…. Ladybugs are named after the Virgin Mary?

There are both male and female ladybugs, so why do we call them “ladies”? According to Oxford dictionaries, they’re named after one particular lady: the Virgin Mary. One of the most common European ladybugs is the seven-spot ladybug, and its seven marks reminded people of the Virgin Mary’s seven sorrows. Seven spot ladybugs happen to be one of the most common ladybugs in Idaho as well.

Scientific name: Coccinellidae septempunctata (seven-pot ladybird)
Family name: Coccinellidae
Classification: Insect
Lifespan (in wild): Around one year (two years maximum)
Body length: Up to 1cm
Top speed: 24km/h
Diet: Mostly carnivores
Habitat: Grasslands, forests, cities, suburbs and along rivers.

Keep an eye out for these cool bugs all over Idaho and see if you can count all 7 spots.