Carpenter Ant

Camponotus species

Carpenter ants received their name from the fact that they live predominantly in wood that they burrowed into. They do not however eat the wood as is commonly thought, they only dig and chew through it to create nests. Carpenter ants only grow to about half an inch to an inch long, and their larger colonies can grow from 10,000 ants to 50,000 ants. While they are generally found out the house inside things like tree stumps, old firewood, and old fence posts, they are known to travel more than 300 feet from their nest, and if they get inside a building they can do devastating damage. While they may not dig out the wood to eat it like termites, they can still do serious damage to it by weakening it and lessening the structural integrity of a home or building. They need a water source to survive so on top of the weakened wood, it could also indicate water damage in the building that they may be exacerbating. In large infestation it is very common to hear a rustling sounds coming from inside the walls.

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