Order Dermaptera

While earwigs get the name from the myth that they crawl through peoples ears and into their brains, we can assure you there is no evidence that this happens at all. They are actually bigger threats to gardens than to people and the only defense they have are pincers that can’t inject venom and feel more like a pinch than a bite, and a foul smelling liquid that they can excrete to deter predators. They will eat a variety of garden plants and insects and will live in piles of debris like mulch and inside trees. They are not easily seen by people because they don’t often travel inside and like to stay hidden underground, however they will travel inside when following lights and trying to stay warm. In order to ensure that you don’t see them in your home it is a good idea to make sure all your doors, windows, and exterior walls are sealed and closed to make sure they can’t squeeze in.

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