Gophers are quite small, with most of them being between 5 to 14 inches long, and weighing between .5 and 2 pounds. Gophers are most commonly known for their elaborate series of tunnels that they build, and the loose mound of dirt at their tunnel openings. Gophers are many times known as pocket gophers because they hold food in the cheeks like they are pockets. They also use these “pockets” to help them move dirt without eating it.

Most likely the will be seen by people in vegetable gardens, lawns, and farms as they are fond of the loose, moist soil. Gophers are very territorial and prefer a life of solitude, so most likely if you are seeing gopher holes, it is just one gopher digging the holes and tunnels. The only times they will leave their solitude is during their mating season. While not normally violent, gophers will attack larger things if they feel threatened, such as humans and pets.

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