Hobo Spider

Eratigena Agrestis

Hobo spiders are the spiders with one of the most distinctive nest patters. They use their webs to make a funnel shape, with the large part being the entrance, and the smaller part at the end of the funnel normally making an escape tunnel. They are not normally seen above ground level because they are not great climbers and they like to be closer to their prey on the floor, but it is still very possible to see them with nests off the ground. While they are considered dangerous spiders and are known for their bites, not much is actually known about their bites. As they are so often misidentified for other spiders scientists are not sure what the actual affects their bites have on people. The leading thoughts now are that they are not much more dangerous than any other insect without venom. Most of the bites that are accurately reported have symptoms that reside very quickly and do not need any specialized treatment.

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