House Mouse

Mus musculus

House mice are the most common mouse found in residences throughout the US, and are a huge nuisance as they can cause serious damage to property and can pose a large health risk. They are less than four inches long as adults, and will predominantly feast on grain based products, but when they are inside a home they will eat almost any human foods. It is very easy to see the signs of an infestation, as droppings and damaged goods will be generally visible once the mice are established in their routines. The odor of the mice can also be very distinct as well as the smell of their urine.

Seeing a mouse in the home could also be a sign of a much larger problem. Seeing one mouse could be an indicator of a family of mice living in the home, as a female mouse can give birth to up to 35 babies a year. With these numbers it can be very dangerous to leave an infestation untreated as the various diseases that the mice can carry can easily infect people. It is very important to not make any contact with the mice or their droppings to keep yourself safe.

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