Millipedes are often called “thousand-leggers” because they are known for having so many pairs of legs, but their actual amount of legs varies based on the species and none have close to 1000. While it can vary based on the species it is thought that they start with about three legs and as an adult can have up to 200. Millipedes are most often scavengers, they feed generally on decaying plant life and dead insect corpses. For these reasons it is most likely to find them in areas with a lot of moisture and plants, such as piles of trash, flower beds, grass clippings, and piles of leaves.

While generally harmless, millipedes can produce a foul smelling fluid through the sides of its bodies. This fluid can become toxic to small children and pets. They do not commonly come in to houses as the moisture levels they like are outside, but if they do come inside they will not normally live long.

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