Orb Weaver Spiders


Orb weaver spiders encompass many different species, and are most notable for the large, circular web grids they create. Sometimes the webs they weave can measure up to three feet long, and many species of orb weavers make a new web every single night. Orb weaver spiders are actually very helpful to people in preventing other pests that are actually detrimental to humans or the surrounding gardens. They are known for killing and eating, flies, moths, wasps, and mosquitoes around an area so if it weren’t for the negative appearance of having spider webs on a home they would be very beneficial. Even one spider in an area is a way to significantly lower the levels of those insects. They will create a web and if they go off the web they will make a single thread that connects to it and when they feel it vibrate they will know that they caught their prey.

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