Pantry Moths

Plodia Interpunctella

Pantry moths are a common pest inside homes. As the name implies they are moths that are most known by infesting the stores food inside pantries, normally being found infesting dry goods like grains, pasta, flour, cereals, and spices. However they do not actually eat the food themselves. The instead lay their eggs inside so the newborn larvae can feast on the food when they hatch. Since the places they infest need to be dark and warm, be sure to also check any drawers that store food as well because they are not just limited to the insides of pantries.

Pantry moths will also not be able to survive well in the cold, so during the winter they will stay inside and will normally only be able to get into a house during the warmer summer months as they will be able to travel then. They are attracted to lights inside your home, so any cracks in window screen or door frames will be a tempting target for them to use to get inside your home.

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