Stink Bugs

Halyomorpha halys

The stink bug is a pest that originated in Asia, but was introduced in the 1990’s. They are normally less than an inch long, and have a shield like shape. Adult stink bugs are able to fly, so it is very common to see them higher up on the outside walls of your house. They will go to stay there when it is sunny to keep themselves warm. Seeing them on the walls is the easiest way to see if you have an infestation of stink bugs, but another way is when you see dead or dimpled areas on the surface of fruits, leaves, or seeds in your garden and lawn.

The stink bug is attracted to lights so they will try and get into homes as the weather cools down. They can fit through small holes, generally in windows, doors, or down chimneys, and they can hibernate inside for the cold months. These pests are know for the odor they emit as a defense mechanism or when killed, which is a very unpleasant smell that can easily permeate a home.

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