Voles are similar to some other common ground dwelling pests such as gophers and moles, however that is where the similarities end. While they both dig holes and tunnels, voles are much smaller and can easily be mistaken for a mouse. Their tunnel system is normally much shallower, and instead of the tunnel openings looking like mounds, they will instead just be small holes in the ground that sometimes are easy to miss. They are very detrimental to a garden because unlike moles that are carnivores, voles consist on a vegetarian diet. They will eat plant stems and blades of long grass, as well as vegetables straight of the garden, and the tunnels that they dig so close to the surface can ruin the grass they are under.

Vole infestations can happen very quickly if unchecked. While they are the most active in the warm wet months of spring, it only takes a few weeks for a new generation of voles to be born. This can cause any small population on someone’s property to become a huge problem as it can grow out of control very quickly.

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