Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Leptoglossus occidentalis

The Western Conifer Seed Bug is native to the western half of North America, and has only just recently been introduced to the east coast and parts of Europe. Since they also use a foul smelling spray to defend themselves, they are often mistaken for stink bugs, however they are in a different family of bug. They are able to use the bites to defend themselves as well, however they are not able to cause any real damage to humans. They are roughly 16-20 millimeters fully grown.

The bugs prefer to east the sap from certain types of seeds, and it can result in a large loss of crop. They cause more economic damage as they reduce the viability of certain planted seeds, so they do not have as large affect on household plants and gardens. They are know however for sneaking indoors as it gets colder and becoming a nuisance in large numbers.

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