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Granular vs. Liquid Fertilizer

It is common for lawn programs to offer a granular released fertilizer, however for you to get the best results possible we use a liquid fertilizer in our applications. The liquid allows us to get results much quicker, and your grass looks much better because we can ensure even coverage across your entire lawn. Additionally, the fertilizer settles into the grass and soil faster to provide it with the nutrients it needs to be the healthiest, greenest, weed free lawn in your neighborhood.

We know your lawn is not the only part of your property that weeds can show up.  Flower beds, cracks in sidewalks and driveways and many other areas around your property are common places for weeds to grow. We take our lawn program a step further and spot treat weeds in non-grass areas. Treating your entire property for weeds allows us to make sure everything looks great all summer long.

By allowing Protec Pest Control Services to manage your fertilization and weed control, you can immediately focus your time and energy on other parts of your life. However, that is not the only benefit of this program. Other benefits include:

  • Greener lush grass
  • Thicker grass overall which reduces the potential for weeds
  • Reduces thatch
  • Overall healthier lawn
  • A weed free property

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