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Let us handle the rodents on your property

No matter the season or the area you live in, small rodents can be a nuisance but we are here to help you solve your problem. Protec Pest Control Services has customer specific programs to help mitigate the issues of living in an area where mice, voles, gophers, moles and other small rodents thrive. We can help minimize the number of rodents on your property and at the same time, keep them out of structures where they can get food, water and warmth. 


We will thoroughly examine your entire property for recent rodent activity as well as potential harborage and problem areas at each service. Different parts of town can have different issues as rodents depend heavily on food, water and warmth. Our primary focus when it comes to structures is eliminating access to the structure itself. Sealing rodent entry points is essential to long term control and prevention. 

Treatment Options


Bait can help reduce the number of mice or burrowing rodents in your area over a period of time. Proper placement of protective bait stations or in ground bait around the exterior are vital to help control small intrusions. Rest assured that our technicians are heavily trained to apply these products in a tamper proof station or underground in burrowing rodent tunnels. 

Motion Sensor Stations

For larger infestations, we recommend the use of bait stations that not only provide an attractant bait for the rodents, but also records and timestamps their activity. These stations communicate this with the technician to help us to more accurately learn rodent movement and feeding patterns. This provides the technician with an accurate picture of where the rodents are coming from, where they are going and if the bait needs to be moved or replenished. These advanced stations provide a wealth of knowledge that help our technicians provide the best treatment possible.

Burrow RX

The Burrow RX is an effective tool against underground burrowing rodents as it uses carbon monoxide instead of traditional attractant baits. Gophers, for example, can burrow up to 12 feet deep and in a radius of 250-300 feet. They are extremely effective in plugging tunnels to keep unwanted predators out. This type of behavior makes it more difficult to treat with traditional baits. By filling their tunnel system with carbon monoxide, we can treat their entire tunnel system thus eliminating them without the use of bait. The carbon monoxide dissipates on its own and leaves no residual residue behind. For large burrowing rodent problems the Burrow RX is your best option for long term control.

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