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Protec Pest Control offers services that can help control bugs on ornamentals like trees and shrubs as well as fertilization treatments that can strengthen your ornamentals and keep your home or business looking good. Pricing is dependent on the size & type of tree or shrub and what the target pests are. Give us a call today and schedule your annual systemic & fertilizer treatments for your ornamentals and let us help keep your trees & shrubs protected and looking great all year long.


One of the best treatments you can do for ornamentals is to apply a systemic insecticide. Protec offers the best systemic on the market which we recommend being applied at the beginning of March, but you can have it done later in the spring as well.

Our treatments are done via a soil drench application around the base of each tree or shrub. The systemic insecticide will then be absorbed up through the roots and will disperse throughout the entire tree. Typically the insecticide climbs the tree at a rate of 2-3 feet per day. Once the tree has fully absorbed the product it is protected from bugs for the entire year until fall when the tree goes back into dormancy.

Ornamental Fertilizer

We also offer tree and shrub fertilization that will promote growth and also keep your trees or shrubs healthy and looking great. The fertilizer is mixed in with our systemic insecticide and applied at the same time or it can be applied a la carte. Just as the systemic, the fertilizer only needs one application per year.


A good alternative to the systemic insecticide is spraying of ornamentals to reduce pest activity. If you are currently on a pest control program with us, this application is (most of the time) included with your program. Be sure to mention it to us before your next appointment to make sure we do a thorough inspection of each tree and/or shrub. If you are not on a program with us, give us a call and we can give you the options you need.

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