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Stop pests from stealing the show in your garden! Protec Pest Control Services offers more than just pest control and fertilization. We’re your partners in year-round landscaping beauty. Our targeted pest control solutions vanquish invaders like aphids and borers, while our custom-designed fertilization treatments nourish your ornamentals for vibrant blooms and lush foliage you can enjoy all season long. Imagine healthy, pest-free trees and shrubs that enhance your curb appeal and create a stunning outdoor oasis. Don’t let pests steal the glory of your garden! Get a free consultation and personalized treatment plan for your ornamentals today. Protec, your partner in vibrant, pest-free landscaping!


Stop the bug party in your garden! Ditch the endless spraying and enjoy year-round peace of mind with Protec’s systemic insecticide treatment. This invisible shield gets absorbed by your plants’ roots, creating a continuous defense against hungry pests for 12 full months! Imagine blooming flowers bursting with color and lush foliage thriving without worry. Protec’s systemic treatment nourishes your plants while keeping bugs at bay, ensuring beauty and health all season long. Don’t let pests steal the joy of your garden! Get a free quote on Protec’s systemic insecticide treatment today and let your ornamentals shine year-round!

Ornamental Fertilizer

Imagine your outdoor oasis brimming with vibrant life from spring to fall! Protec’s powerful combo of systemic insecticide and fertilization takes care of both pests and nutrient deficiencies, ensuring thriving trees and shrubs all year long. Our targeted fertilization fuels your plants for months, boosting their health and beauty. Picture blossoms bursting with color, lush foliage thriving in the sun, and branches reaching for the sky with renewed vigor. Don’t let nutrient deficiencies dim the shine of your garden! Get a free quote on Protec’s combined treatment today and unlock the full potential of your trees and shrubs!


Seeking targeted pest control for your trees and shrubs? We understand! Protec offers both systemic insecticides and effective foliar spraying options to combat common pests like aphids, beetles, and caterpillars. Our targeted sprays provide immediate protection for several weeks, letting you enjoy your beautiful landscaping worry-free. If you’re enrolled in our pest program, this service is already included! Just remind us when scheduling your next appointment for a thorough inspection. Not on a program? No problem! Give us a call today to discuss your pest control needs and explore the various options we offer for healthy, pest-free ornamentals! Let Protec help you find the perfect solution for your unique requirements!

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