Weed Control

Weeds & Your Lawn Health

Weeds are already a nuisance to manage and attempt to eliminate on your own. Furthermore, they also affect the overall health of your lawn and soil by taking essential nutrients from your grass which can result in killing your lawn. Protec Pest Control Services has weed specific programs in addition to our lawn weed & feed programs.  In addition to treating weeds in grass, our weed only programs treat weeds in areas other than grass such as parking lots, open acreage, dirt lots, storage facilities, along roads, sidewalks and driveways.

We have multiple types of weed specific products from broad leaf sprays used to target weeds around yards or structures, to ground sterilant used to remove all plant growth from areas such as parking lots or along ditches and roads.  Protec Pest Control Services will inspect your property and identify the specific weeds that are present, customize a schedule and treatment program and select the best products to get the job done right.

Whether the weeds are in your grass or in your driveway you can rest easy knowing that Protec Pest Control Services has the right treatment to fit your specific needs.

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