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Weed Only Services

Weeds are already a nuisance to manage and attempt to eliminate on your own. Furthermore, they also affect the overall health of your lawn and soil by taking essential nutrients from your grass which can result in killing your lawn. Protec Pest Control Services has weed specific programs in addition to our lawn weed & feed programs. In addition to treating weeds in grass, our weed only programs treat weeds in areas other than grass such as parking lots, open acreage, dirt lots, storage facilities, along roads, sidewalks and driveways. Rest assured that we have a customized treatment plan to fit your specific needs.


We will thoroughly examine your entire property to identify what type of weeds are growing as well as where they are growing. The environment in and around your property heavily affects weed growth and their ability to multiply quickly. During the inspection we will determine problem spots in turf and non-turf areas. The inspection process is very important to determine the best course of action, customize a schedule and treatment program and select the best products to get the job done right.

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Treatment options

Broadleaf РSelective 

Our broadleaf products are designed to target weeds in turf type areas such as your lawn or turf areas around a business. These products work well to remove nuisance weeds like dandelions or clover that if left unchecked can take over grass quickly. With a broad leaf treatment program we can ensure your turf stays weed free without affecting the healthiness of the grass. Your lawn will stay green, healthy and weed free.

Clear all – Non-Selective

Our clear all products are for the non-turf areas of your home or business such as flower beds, driveways, parking lots or play areas. Whether grass is creeping into your flower beds, weeds are popping up in cracks of your sidewalks or driveway or there are a few weeds scattered in multiple spots we have the product and treatment plan to address these issues. A clear all type of treatment is meant to clear weeds or grass in unwanted areas throughout your entire property.

Sterilant – Bare Ground

Our sterilant services are for clearing areas down to bare ground with the added benefit of no regrowth for an extended period of time. Areas like dirt driveways, large acreage, dirt or gravel parking lots, right-of-ways and ditch or canal banks. The bare ground products settle in the top layer of soil and will create a barrier that does not allow weeds to grow. If you’re looking for a long term solution to weed control in larger areas, our bare ground sterilant services are the best fit.

Whether the weeds are in your grass or in your driveway you can rest easy knowing that Protec Pest Control Services has the right treatment to fit your specific needs, even for those hard to remove weeds like crabgrass or oxalis.

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