Black Medic

Medicago lupulina

Commonly known as nonesuch, black nonesuch, black medic clover, hop clover, hop medic, black clover, black hay, blackweed, English trefoil, hop trefoil, burclover and yellow trefoil.

Black medic is a low-trailing summer annual often found within turfgrass and along roadsides when conditions are ideal. With its clover-like appearance it can be identified by it’s bright, yellow flower and dense, short spikes. Germination in early to mid spring will result in summer flowering often in turfgrass suffering from drought and/or heat damage. Non-native to North America and introduced from Eurasia.

Anchored by a deep taproot, hand-weeding should be done before the root has grown too deep if the weed is found in small quantities. Otherwise, post-emergence selective herbicide control is best.

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