Digitaria Sanguinalis

Commonly known as hairy crabgrass, hairy finger-grass, large crabgrass, crab finger grass, purple crabgrass

Crabgrass is a warm season grass found within lawns and one of the more cumbersome lawn pests in our area. Crabgrass can flourish in lawns where grass is not growing effectively such as along sidewalks and curbs and in lawns with poor nutrition. It reproduces by seed and roots from the stem. Although healthy for animal consumption, it can regenerate quickly in lawns and spread quickly making the lawn aesthetically less desirable.

The most effective form of control of crabgrass in lawns is a quality pre-emergent applied at the right time. Crabgrass germinates at approximately 55 degrees as does forsythia bushes. When the forsythia blooms, it’s time for the pre-emergent. A selective herbicide can be effective against crabgrass that has sprouted and matured. Usually a late season grass, properly timed applications along with a healthy lawn will help eliminate this nuisance.

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