Prostrate Spurge

Euphorbia maculata

Commonly known as spotted spurge

Common in flower and garden beds and in gravel walkways and driveways, prostrate spurges are a variety of species that have become a nuisance for homeowners. Prostrate spurges are a low-growing summer annual that grows in a dense mat of leaves and stems. Spurges have a sticky, milky sap that can be a skin irritant to some.
Prostrate spurge is easy to remove however, the entire root needs to be removed. Wear gloves when pulling on the plant as the sap can be irritating. The deep taproot needs to be completely removed although the seeds can be sneaky and re-sprout quickly. Pre-emergents are helpful to keep them from coming up. Selective herbicides are effective when the plant is young. Non-selective herbicides are more effective later in the plant’s life.

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