Tribulus Terrestris

Commonly known as goathead, bindii, bullhead, burra gokharu, bhakhdi, caltrop, small caltrops, cat’s-head, devil’s eyelashes, devil’s-thorn, devil’s-weed.

One of the more commonly recognized invasive species in our area, anyone that has ever ridden a bicycle knows the consequences of coming across this plant’s nut. Coated with 2 to 4 sharp spines, the nut embeds itself in anything it can penetrate including the paws of dogs and other animals. Origins show the weed came from the Mediterranean region and has spread across the Western United States. It is often found along roads, trails and crops and the seeds are easily translocated via people or animals.

Puncturevine can be controlled easily if caught before seeding. Hoeing and tillage of soil in the spring will usually eradicate most plants before they form a deep taproot. Continual monitoring of area is important as the plant can reseed easily. Chemical controls are effective including pre-emergents and post emergent herbicides (both selective and non-selective).

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