Commonly known as wall speedwell, corn speedwell, common speedwell, rock speedwell, field speedwell

The speedwell or Veronica family or plants consists of 500 different species. There can be small variations between the varieties, and some can be hard to distinguish. Some speedwell variations are used in beds and planters for ornamental purposes however some variations are weedy in nature. The most common weeds in Idaho are the corn speedwell, Persian speedwell and purslane speedwell.

Some variations of speedwells are prostrate varieties, others grow erect. Winter annual weed seeds germinate in the fall and grow throughout the warmer days of winter. They continue active growth in early spring, flower, set seed and then die as the temperatures rise into the summer. Aside from a healthy lawn, speedwells can be controlled with pre-emergents in the fall as that is typically when they germinate. Both selective and non-selective herbicides can be effective also. Speedwells can flourish in lawns, forests, waste areas, crop fields and roadsides.

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